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while using our mobile site or website, we strictly disallow users from posting information that may be faux or sham. We encourage users to ensure that whatever information they’d be exchanging within the jurisdiction of our website or mobile application is genuine and relevant information. users are urged to adapt strictly to the rules and regulations regarding exchange of information on our public domain. We may block or suspend user that act otherwise of this policy.


We take our policy seriously, therefore we encourage our users to use the free provision of information based on education, Technology, software, and other technical tools or articles  to widen their scope of knowledge about  a specific content that we have made available on our sites, as such, we frown at users who manipulate some or all of our contents and use it elsewhere without clearance, credit to the owner, written or extended permission from our the support team. Further more, whatever tools or information we provide to our users are/is completely free and forbid anyone to use it for marketing purposes.

Google may place some ads on our blog and some of our application to keep our unstoppable server/ service running with resources. we are committed to making sure the ads are properly maintained and managed so as to prevent unwanted abuse by users and egregiously violation of Google policy, as such, we have put in some efforts In ensuring the ads doesn’t look any close as our contents, we have placed a tag inscription on each of the adverts to indicate they are ads and you should click on them out of genuine interest. Also we are committed to making sure the ads are 90% less disturbing, that is why we disallowed some intrusive advertising that may ruin your experience as our user. We are sorry that you can not opt of the ads at this time, We’d let you know if we change or update this policy at later date.

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Our site uses cookie for advertisements, from either partner site or popular ads network, most especially Google Cookies, Google uses cookies to help serve the ads it displays on the websites of its partners, such as our website displaying Google ads or participating in Google certified ad networks. When users visit a Google partner’s website, a cookie may be dropped on that end user’s browser. Users may opt out of personalized advertising by visiting Ads Settings. (Alternatively, you can direct users to opt out of a third-party vendor’s use of cookies for personalized advertising by visiting


As we are committed and dedicated to finding and gathering of truthful hints, tips, information, and guides to basic or social or technological things; we would like our users to understand that in as much as we try to be accurate with all information, there is no guarantee that those information provided will be perfect, as such, our contents may not to be completely accurate. Your use of any content or tool is at your own discretion.

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