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while using our mobile site or website, we strictly disallow users passing some information that may be faux or sham. We encourage users to ensure that whatever information they’d be passing on our site or mobile application is nothing but a genuinely relevant and real information. In term of abuse, no matter how little or deceitful an information appear to the public we forbid it anywhere on our sites, below comments box or on our application, users are then urge to adapt strictly to the rules and regulations

We take our policy very seriously, for that, we encourage our users to use the free provision of information based on education, Technology, software, and other technical tools or pieces to widen their scope of knowledge about alot of things that we have made available on our site, as such, we frown at users who manipulate some or all of our post and use it elsewhere without clearance, credit to the owner, or prior permission from our the support team. Further more, whatever tools or information we provide to our users are/is completely free and forbid anyone to use it for marketing purposes.

Google may place some ads on our blog and some of our application to keep our unstoppable server/ service running with resources. we are committed to making sure the ads are properly maintained and managed so as to prevent unwanted abuse by users and egregiously violation of Google policy, as such, we have put in some efforts In ensuring the ads doesn’t look any close as our blog content, we place a title tag on each of them to indicate they are ads and you should click on them if only you’re interested. Also we are committed to making sure the ads are 90% less disturbing, that is why we disallowed some intrusive advertising that may ruin your experience. We are sorry that you can not opt of the ads at this time, We’d let you know if we change or update this policy.

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Our site uses cookie for advertisements, from either partner site or popular ads network, most especially Google Cookie’s, Google uses cookies to help serve the ads it displays on the websites of its partners, such as our website displaying Google ads or participating in Google certified ad networks. When users visit a Google partner’s website, a cookie may be dropped on that end user’s browser. Users may opt out of personalized advertising by visiting Ads Settings. (Alternatively, you can direct users to opt out of a third-party vendor’s use of cookies for personalized advertising by visiting


As we are committed and dedicated to finding and gathering of truthful hints, tips, information, and guides to basic or social things we would like to make our users know that in as much as we try to be accurate with some information, there is no highland of perfection, as such, our messages or posts might to be completely accurate. We refrain our users for blaming us if they make the negative usage of any information passed to them on our public platform and urge users to try whatever hints given instantly to ensure the accuracy of the information.

If you do not agreed with the above rules please do not use the site. Kindly hit the back button and proceed to other websites

Please if you’re not a JAMB USER kindly skip this section to the last paragraph



Section 1

In order to make this ecosystem safe and reliable for use of information and resources to excel completely in joint admission and matriculation board [JAMB] for both DE & UTME, we strictly frown at sharing or supplying of private information amongst users, this individual private information are, but not limited to special social media details, like telephone number, WhatsApp number, Facebook profile link or Instagram handle, private information like Registration number, personal Details, Bank account Details, or any other important details that may malign other person or use of the chats section provided is strictly disallowed.

Any user fund wanting of abusing this section shall be ban from using the section, additional enforcement may occur and possible termination of access to the rest of the section of the application if our team find the user wanting of any other policy violation.

If we disabled you from using the chat section and you feel we have done so unfairly or may have been due to error or mistake on your own end please click here to file appeal. Our team will review your appeal and reactivate your account within 2 business day if your appeal is relevant and found worthy. Please note that there is no guarantee that you’d be unblock.

Due to respect of individual privacy we made the private chat end to end encrypted, as such, any third party or user or even our team cannot see whatever message you exchange privately with someone, therefore sharing any of your private information on your private chat is at your own risk neither our team nor jamb would be responsible if the outcome of your action appears negative.

Section 2

In order to protect our users from scammers and fraudsters we forbid any user to give their money , jamb details such as profile password or registration number or valuable equivalent to any of this sensitive details to any other  fellow member of the platform, note that our team will never ask you for your details, password, or money either for assistant or any other services provided in this application, as all service not limited to past questions ,access to all jamb Portals , updates, syllabus and novels are all free, except “making a request for material for your studies which may cost us some megabytes to download that we request a N200 airtime in some cases, any other thing apart from that is free. Please do not supply your details or money to anyone. And click here to report any users who you think is doing this with evidence of conversation.

Section 3

The best assistance we can render is making sure the ecosystem is suitable for all by providing all educational material to maximize success in both jamb exam, post UTME and admission processing, we are non-relentless in trying our possible best and working round the clock to make all materials required available for study to all users, as such we frown strictly at user who discusses about malpractices/expo/runs on our chat section. We refrain users completely from messaging us and demanding for Runs of expo support as we do not provide that nor would we ever will.

Violation of this section of our policy is straight deactivation of account without option of appeal. We thereby urge users to be careful and study hard.

Section 4

The section created for aspirants and candidate to connect with each other is designed for sharing experiences about their admission, caps, registrations and lot more We reserve the sole right to determine what constitutes a violation or otherwise of our rules. Therefore, while engaging in conversation with one another civil language must be deployed and not used to malign any person. Our team reserves the right to mete out any sanction it deems appropriate to an offence. Vulgar language is strictly prohibited. In like manner, assassination of character is condemned in the strongest of terms.

Violation of this section attract 1st & 2nd warning then additional enforcement may occur I.e removal from the particular chat section for 48hours

Report abuse or any user who you think is found wanting of this here, we shall respond to you as soon as we can

Section 5

If after reading the above, we use this last section to certify our assumption that you have agreed to the above policy, if you do not, kindly go to your application menu and uninstall the application instantly.

If you agree and you promise you can abide by this rules , then we welcome you to our WORLD OF ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES. You are now one of the lucky few candidates to have one of the best jamb application on google play store, welcome aboard.

Note it is your responsibility to check this section every month as we may change our policy at any time


We urge you to utilize this opportunity provided for you with your possible best. Some weren’t given or do not have this opportunity at all, please note that while filling any of our forms, the information you supply are only to ensure that we are conversing with human and not robot, and to certify a few more details from you so our team can be able to provide specific answer tailored in your questions to ensure best user experience. Note that we are not jamb officials, we do not work in jamb office, nor are we jamb staff, we are developers providing you one of our software for excellent result.

We won’t fail you, but the only way you won’t fail us is ensuring you pass outstandingly and securing admission successfully this year. All these can only be achieved by preparation.

We love you, and thanks for taking sometime to go through this.

We are committed to serving you better, please report all issues or contact us at Note it is your responsibility to check this section every month as we may change our policy at any time