Welcome, to SWIFTSPEED UNIVERSAL TECHNOLOGY LIMITED [SSU-TECHNOLOGY LIMITED], a web programming and mobile development firm. We produce tailored information and solutions in regards to education, mobile technologies, web and computer related issues. Our team of specialists, consist of DEVELOPERS and SUPPORT SPECIALISTS who are charged with the responsibilities of siting continual improvements on our products and providing support to our users [both website and application users].

In addition, we make websites and mobile applications for corporate organizations, companies, schools and small business enterprise.

We also host I.T classes which are taught by experts in each field of all courses [Programming, Android, IOS, Robotics and other evolving technological languages], Tutorials on programming and web application development. Our students are treated with top priority and we ensure they understand in details; all courses they have registered within their jurisdiction. There’s high percentage of assurance that student who graduate from our IT school will gain excessive exposure in the digital world thereby making them stand out in the labour market for top official JOBS.

Our team of specialists, in their work experience provide web/online marketing blueprints and thorough knowledge based skills for webmasters, web builders, programmers and digital marketers.They provide guidance and simple breakdown on processes involved in monetizing web owned properties or requirements to be a business owner in relation to digital or web.

Furthermore, we help manage campaigns for big organizations on popular networks like Google AdWords, Facebook Audience network, Twitter Ads, Instagram Ads, and so many others.

Our publishing team of specialists provides educational information on several topics, including but not limited to only admission processing on our  Educational Website.  We’ve also made provisions for comprehensive learning materials to ensure and maximize success of each users Is achieved.

 These supports specialists as well extend their expertise and professionalism to our applications products, see our apps on google play . We have quite a number of applications that are categorized under education on popular Android Market[Google Play], mostly fashioned for Nigerian students. One of our popular application in that regard is Jamb Preparation Application which has provided and still providing updated solutions to many Nigerian candidates seeking admission into various universities.

   We have well established Tech-websites where our team updates the world on current and up-coming technologies, modifications, and universal maintenance. You may visit the blog using this link to learn more.


We have a free football resources website where you can keep yourself up to date on European Football and other sports, please visit the site.

Other websites owned by our company are:

 We think the information that you’ve read so far is good enough to convince you of how much tech-apt we are as a company. But, if it doesn’t, you can follow the links below to learn more about us.




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